Dental Implantology, bone grafting and Patient specific implants (individualized Implants)

Dental implants have emerged as a cost-effective solution to replacement of lost teeth. Implants come closest to the natural tooth and hence are the best choice for modern patients who live highly active social lives until very late in their seventh -eighth decades. 

Implants are a suitable option for all age groups and with very few situations where their placement is not advisable (medically compromised patients on multiple drugs) majority of patients can avail the benefits of this choice through simple surgical procedures with their Oral Surgeon or Dentist and Prosthodontist. Some of the patients may have severe bone loss due to various reasons , they may need artificial or natural bone grafts ,to substitute for the lost bone especially in upper back teeth replacement . This is sometimes an additional procedure and an Oral Surgeon will inform about this in the planning stage to her patients.   Dental implant and bone graft procedures are done on a dental chair under local anesthesia and patient is free to go back home on the same day within few hours of surgery, only with a small prescription of pain killers and antibiotics (optional) in their hands. 

Full mouth rehabilitation (FMR) with severe bone loss of both the jaws can be accomplished very precisely with the help of latest in Artificial intelligence and 3 D technology, through Patient Specific Implants (PSI ). PSI is the future of FMR and with proper planning and team work, great results can be achieved for the patients desirous of the same. Where such endeavors are taken, these patients go back to being as close to normal as one can. Patient Specific Implant procedures require short hospitalization and general anesthesia as they are performed only by specialized person like Oral Surgeon along with the team of Prosthodontists.