How does one bring Carpediem & Compounding Thought Process together?

While the whole lot of benefits are known of compounding … how money, relationships, knowledge   and anything worth your time grows  gradually only through compounding …i.e incremental increase in due course of time …the character traits most useful for this process to take shape are patience , perseverance and certain level of clarity on long term goals. 

At the same time, we often hear youngsters putting a shout at social media platforms, carpe diem my friend, seize the moment, be in the moment, live in the moment …

I often find this philosophy very enticing and attractive (a big fan of Zindagi na milegi dobara  ) , esp when I come across an interesting profile on a dating website and my intuition tells me its fake and very conveniently I say , carpe diem my dear , and there I fall flat on my face , or I come across a job opportunity with big promises made on shaky grounds and without doing much of my own homework on what it is what and how of it all …I just jump and take it …reminding myself a sage advice given to me long back , “if it is a mistake then do it my friend , after all its just one life” ….again convenience 😀

So currently am in the midst of these two apparently paradoxical thoughts …wondering to myself how do I bring them together to live a more wholesome meaningful experience overall. 

I guess , this whole thing works well depending on which phase of life you are in… if you are young and just beginning to explore things life mates experiences … carpe diem is a good philosophy to follow … seize the moment , go with the flow , enjoy , take risks , fall , get up and go again … but as we grow older and start getting tired (and someone like me who gets bored )we start looking for stability …that’s when compounding could be brought  into picture … provided we have been mindful and watchful of the cues given by our body ,mind and environment . 

Capre diem once again takes over in our lives when we enter our midlife … that’s when we start feeling as if we missed out on certain experiences in life and now time is running out … in my opinion and experience …this is a dangerous phase to be in … we are at risk of sabotaging life’s hard work in terms of relationships, money, credibility etc. …  this risk can be taken, with safety net in place … but not all will have one … so it is a big risk indeed.

I have often heard people say, age is just a number, I find this phrase very funny and convenient, age according to me is not just a number, life and living is a unidirectional one sided journey … it is not a Curious case of Benjamin Button … the flexibility and resilience which one has ,to get up and start all over again after each fall is definitely greater when one is younger … we all know when young delicate bone faces trauma …fractures are all greensticks , as the bones get older more brittle , what we have are shattered comminuted bad ones … whether bones or minds , the phenomenon is same .

So now I have come to a middle ground of these both philosophies … while having set my eyes on long term goals which give meaning to my life, a reason to wake up each day, I try and live to complete fullness in each moment working towards fulfillment of long-term goals in the present … while the long term goals like meaningful work , relationships , financial freedom are the pillars of my house , I can fill the walls and interiors of my house with carpe diem moments …in here and now    

Comparisons bring discontent and social media fans this, hence the FOMO …comparisons lead to reckless decisions …striving for more …I feel this is the real cause of widespread restlessness in modern times sometimes leading to catastrophic consequences…hence now my philosophies are  living in the moment while working hard for better future …defining my goals based on my  personal moral code of conduct and always reminding myself  … momento mori, moment of death and gratitude for each moment given to me  while am alive ,to experience, to share ,to live my dream life  … as at the end am loyal only to my dreams.